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When You should purchase a Waist Trainer and start using it

If you are active on social media, you would know how almost everybody is going crazy over the new trendy and effective garments knows as waist trainers or corsets. Although it has been used for centuries in the past, the revival of the trend began when celebrities found its use in attaining a sexy, hourglass torso. After the celebrities started using them, waist trainers became so popular that the internet and social media is exploding with pictures of women and even men posing in them.

Whether you are already waist training or just about to start it, there are some signs which tell you that your closet needs a waist trainer. If you are having difficulty in deciding when the right time to take the leap and purchase a new waist trainer is, here are the most important signs which suggest now is the right time:

1.Your back needs support:

The most popular reason for waist training is to get a slim figure with a flat stomach but while achieving that it also delivers you with many additional benefits. One such benefit is the correction of your posture. Not only does it supports your back, but also prevents you from bending it in an incorrect way that would case back pains.

This is most beneficial for people with desk jobs since their routine involves long hours of sitting on a chair in front of the computer screen. Back and shoulder pains are a common complaint among these people which can be avoided by wearing a waist trainer.

2.You want more benefit out of your workout:

If you already have an intense workout routine, a waist trainer will make a great supplement for you. The compression qualities of the material used in the construction of a waist trainer will help you sweat heavier while working out so that you lose weight much faster than without wearing one. The correct posture you maintain while wearing it is also helpful with many exercises.

3.You want to lose weight while maintaining your curves:

Other than promoting weight loss, a waist trainer also pushes your abdominal muscles into an hourglass shape to promote a more feminine figure. While workout helps you lose weight, a waist trainer helps maintain your curves for a more feminine figure.

4.Your waist trainer has lost its elasticity:

If you are already using your waist trainer regularly, after a few months you will feel that it’s losing its elasticity and does not fit you as tightly as it used to. This is the time when you will need to get rid of it and order a new one. Even with good care, you cannot expect a waist trainer especially one made with latex to serve you for life. It will eventually wear out when it does not feel tight even on the tightest setting and will need a replacement.

5.You have lost weight and your waist trainer does not fit you tightly anymore:

Your waist trainer could also feel loose even when it hasn’t worn out. This is excellent news because it means your efforts are finally paying off and you are losing weight! When you find your waist trainer lose on your body even on the tightest setting, it means you have sized down and you will need to order a new one in a smaller size. Measure your current waist size to order a correct size for your new waist trainer.

6.You are not able to waist train while your waist trainer is drying after a wash:

If you have only one waist trainer you will find it difficult to take out the time to wash it and let it dry. Since you have to air dry after hand-washing it, your waist trainer will take a good amount of time to dry completely during which time you will not be able to waist train. It’s better to keep at least two waist trainers so that you can use one while the other is drying.

Most Selling Massage Chairs with Positive Customer Ratings

Massage chairs are the ideal way to relax one’s body and mind. There are many massage chairs available in the market, all targeted to cater to different kinds of body requirements and stress. Following are reviews of five massage chairs which are widely applauded in the current market.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave is no doubt one of the most technologically advanced massage chairs in the market today. This chair, often rated as the highest performing chair on many platforms, is a luxury massage chair and not only because of its futuristic aesthetics. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave is programmed to replicate the motions of the most professional, actual Shiatsu massage therapists. And as if that wasn’t enough to make us feel amazed, the Dreamwave starts each session by performing a full body scan of its subject and classifies them as one of 106 types of bodies entered into the robotic chair’s database. This helps the chair to determine exactly which pressure points to target, catered specifically to the needs of the person who is sitting in the chair.

HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion

The HoMedics Massage Cushion is one of latest features based massage chair pad which offers all the richness of typical massages while also being portable and inexpensive. It offers gentle massages, deep tissue massages, and full and fast massages.

Osaki OS-4000A

The Osaki OS-4000A is famous and loved in the massage chair market for being a top-tier zero gravity massage chair. Zero-gravity massage chairs are those that mimic the position that astronauts assume during liftoff by providing specific reclining positions which distribute the person’s weight across the massage chair achieving a better and safer flow of blood throughout the whole body, and especially in the legs. Somewhat like the Inada Sogno Dreamwave, the Osaki OS-4000A also has an intelligent system which can scan the whole body and determine which type of massage to give to the user, mostly depending on the structure of their neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Human Touch iJoy-2580

The HT iJoy-2580 is known for being one of the most comfortable massage chairs in the market and is a favorite among users for the relaxation it offers in a comparatively low price. It’s a reasonable massage chair to target tight muscles, back pain, circulation of blood, and fatigue. This robotic chair mainly targets the back, neck and shoulder, and the lower back in 15 minutes sessions focusing on each point. The Human Touch iJoy-2580 replicates the strokes and techniques used by massage therapists who are skilled in back and spine care.

Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair

The Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair is a robotic chair which can easily and beautifully blend in with your furniture, doubling as a home accessory and as a massage chair. And as required with the purchase of every furniture piece in the living room, the creators of this chair made sure that it would especially be pet-friendly and easy to clean with a faux suede material. The Relaxzen operates on the user by working through eight motors which relax every part of the body.