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How to make MeatBalls using Food Processor Easily

Food processors are twenty first century kitchen appliances that are very advantageous in cooking. They are very common throughout the world; you can found them in almost any kitchen. The reason why they are so famous is, there capability to perform various kitchen tasks. They can literally do almost all the preparation work required for cooking, from shredding vegetables to grinding spices. Today we will discuss some of the recipes that you can prepare at home with the help of food processor.

The recipe that we will be discussing is meatball. We all love meatballs, they are great with spaghetti even with Malaysian or Indian curry and with sandwiches. First thing, you need to make you need to make sure is getting your meat minced. No need to panic, you can mince your meat in best food processors easily and all you need to do is make a one inch small pieces of your meat and place them in the baking tray over a parchment paper, make sure that they don’t lay down on each others. Then place them in the freezer, you need to make sure that the centre remains little bit soft while the sides and edges are stiff. Then transfer them in the jar of food processor and let the processor perform the rest of the task. Don’t over mince the meat for too long otherwise it will become very fine and cause difficulty in cooking and preparing meat balls. Once you have got the minced meat, you] can literally prepare many dishes from spaghettis to delicious Turkish kofta kebabs. First we will discuss how to prepare meatballs. Now on the minced meat add a salt to taste along with black pepper, chopped parsley, little bit of cayenne pepper, lemon zest, two cloves of minced garlic and a very finely chopped onion. Mix them thoroughly, take minced meat in your hand, and roll to make a meatball, try to use a good portion of minced meat.

Once your meatballs are ready, fry them in a pan over a medium heat, until a golden crust id not formed of each side. Once they are done, you can add them in the curry paste or tomato sauce and simmer for few minutes on a low heat so that they absorb the flavors of the sauce. Here is a tip if you are cooking a spicy meatball curry than must add mint leaves in the meatballs, as they will go great along with the spicy curry. Mint leaves will reduce the heat and it will taste more refreshing and delicious.

You can even prepare the tomato sauce or a curry paste with the help of food processor; just add the required ingredients and mix. As we know Indian, Malaysian cuisine contains many spices, food processor will even grind the spices for you, use freshly grounded spices every time your food will have a delicious strong aroma.

This is how you are supposed to prepare these delicious meatballs with the help of a food processor.